First Impressions Aren’t Everything: 9 Reasons to Give People a Second Chance

First Impressions Aren’t Everything: 9 Reasons to Give People a Second Chance

Have you ever met someone new, and realized pretty quickly that you were making a first impression you weren’t proud of? It happens to everyone, and it can be pretty hard to come back from that. Because of apps like Tinder, people have learned to take one look, make a snap judgment, and never have to think about you again. But as important as first impressions are, there’s no way you can really know someone after meeting them (or just looking at them) only once. Some people might grow on you, and you should give them a chance to do just that.

What do you have to lose? In some situations, it will cost you nothing to giving someone another chance after a bad first impression. Short of giving them your life savings after they already squandered your previous investment, what do you really have to lose?

They might have been having an off day. What you see on the outside is generally what people want you to see, but sometimes we lose control of the way we’re being perceived. Or sometimes we just don’t care. One bad day shouldn’t define a person.

What if the roles were reversed? If you knew you hadn’t exactly come across the way you wanted to, would you want people to completely write you off based on one interaction? Of course not. So why would you do that to someone else?

Being too judgmental isn’t healthy. Judging people unfairly is bad karma. It’s negative, and unnecessary, and you’re only inviting the same kind of treatment in return.

You could be missing out on an amazing person. Do you really want to limit your social circle to all the same types of people who are (sometimes suspiciously) good at making a first impression? Try to open up your mind a little bit and you never know who you could meet.

Some people grow on you. You must have a friend or two you didn’t immediately click with, but as time went on you realized they’re a lot cooler than you thought. Not everyone is going to spark a “we’re soul mates”-like reaction, but that doesn’t they aren’t worth the effort to get to know.

People make mistakes. Human beings aren’t perfect, that’s just how it is. As long as someone can recognize and adjust their behaviour, there’s no reason not to leave the past behind you and start fresh.

Holding grudges is no way to live. Forgiveness can be hard sometimes, but you’ll be a lot happier if you can give up grudges that aren’t worth it. Why spend energy hating someone or holding their mistakes against them when you don’t have to?

They’ll try harder next time. If they know their first impression left something to be desired and they want to make it up to you, they’ll be on top of their game next time. And if they still can’t seem to find a way to impress you, well then you can reserve the right to withhold a third chance.

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