Why Having A Dating Dry Spell is Actually Awesome

Why Having A Dating Dry Spell is Actually Awesome

Not having sex might not be the first thing you think to brag about at happy hour, but you know, it’s not all bad, either. After all, there’s something to be said for endless “me time” to do whatever your heart desires. There are plenty of reasons why your dating dry spell is actually awesome, so don’t get too frustrated just yet.

You’re getting plenty of sleep. Late nights at a guy’s house are fun and all, but man, it’s tiring to not only have sex but then toss and turn half the night trying to comfortably sleep next to him.

You haven’t had a bladder infection in forever. Sex has a real knack as shoving bacteria up in our woman parts, and we’ve just come to accept that sometimes things get a little agitated in there. Not during a dry spell!

You won’t be waiting by the phone. You might not be getting any, but you’re also not expecting anyone to call you, so you’re actually focusing in those morning meetings for once.

No walk of shames. If you don’t wake up at a random guy’s house on Sunday morning, you don’t have to worry about to escape without running into someone on your way home.

You’ll get that clear-headed feeling back. Sex releases a hit of dopamine in our body (as well as other hormones), leaving us with an effect similar to what happens when people do cocaine, so we can act a bit like addicts sometimes. Cool off a bit and some of your mental sanity might return.

You enjoy your alone time. Ahem. Let’s be honest, your vibrator is often plenty efficient at getting you where you need to be in record time with little cleanup.

You get to imagine who the next lucky guy is. Whether you’re crushing at the moment or not, it can be pretty entertaining to daydream about who you’re next going to sleep with and whether it’s that guy at work or someone you’ll meet this morning on your commute.

You’ll be blissfully drama-free. Not all relationships (sexual or otherwise) are dramatic in nature, but drama does totally cease to exist when there aren’t people around.

You know that you technically could have sex. But it’s a choice. If you really, really wanted to have sex, you probably could right, but in actuality, you’re making the decision to hold out for the right person, even if he’s just going to be another Mr. Right Now.

No pregnancy scares. You know how it goes – the only 100{5bc55beb08889ad05a7e7a6b77d532c6a271732d053bf26757b0ccd6cd3a3c03} effective form of birth control is abstinence.

You can enjoy uninterrupted girl time. It’s not that you choose guys over your friends, but there is a bit of juggling that goes on fitting everyone in. Not now.

Shaving is an option. Most of us keep up with our shaving routines to some extent, no matter who’s touching our legs (or not), but when you know you’re not getting any, you might be inclined to procrastinate another day or so.

You can conserve your energy. Sure, you might start to feel like you might explode from pent up energy, but just think of all the other awesome places you can put it. Spin class? Starting your own blog?

It’s going to be extra amazing when you get laid again. Having regular, expected sex is awesome but it can also get a little, well, expected. (Especially if it’s less than stellar to begin with.) But being in a dry spell you’re prepped for any sex to be interesting when it finally comes along.

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